Indoor Fireworks

Turn any dark room into a magical wonderland with these amazing indoor pyrotechnics.

These special pyrotechnics safely add excitement to any venue such as concerts, theaters, and stadiums. Audiences are amazed when the colors and crackles can be experienced up close!

Fire Marshal Approved

Fire Marshals approve these effects for close proximity and indoor or outdoor use; without weather or limited space being a concern.

Confetti and Streamers

The perfect addition to any celebration or event. Choose from:

  •   Hand-held confetti cannons
    •   Electric confetti cannons
      •   Continuous-flow confetti cannons
        •   Totally wireless remote-control system

          Whether your event is small or large, we have confetti cannons that will make an incredibly memorable moment for everyone to remember! We have everything you need to easily create incredible confetti effects for your event.

          Cryo Jet System

          An atmospheric effect that creates bursts of white, dense plumes that resembles fog and fire when lit correctly. The system works in conjunction with liquid CO2. The liquid CO2 chills the moisture in the air; creating great fog effects with immediate dissipation. This impactful effect is contained in a low-pressure unit that can be placed within a safe proximity to presenters on stage.